Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Month of GRATITUDE

November might just be my favorite month. I love it because I am reminded to be thankful for all my many blessings. I have been trying each day to think of a couple things that I am truely grateful for that day, little things that make me smile or things I take for granted. It has been rather easy and I've come to realize how very blessed I am.

Medicine- We have all been sick this last week and although we don’t take it very often I was so grateful to have it. .I couldn’t have been a pioneer.
Being sick- it helps me be grateful for when we are not all sick.
My In-laws they live four houses down and they are so wonderful. They make us dinner when we are sick and even when we are not sick. Its really nice.
My dad- especially his hugs. Hs birthday was yesterday
Books- I love to read. Sometimes I feel guilty for reading too much, but it is one of the great loves of my life.
My windows- we have lots of windows in my front room. They let in lots of sunlight and have a beautiful view of the mountains. I love looking out them everyday.
Being a girl- I love being a girl and everything that comes with it. (well almost everything) I grew up with five older brothers and I always wanted to be a boy, but I love my girlfriends and I love being a mama and I love blogging and I just love all the things that women are. Yeah for being a girl.
Pajamas. I am grateful for snuggly pajamas that make me feel cute and comfy.
Eyelashes- I was thinking the other day about what I would look like with no eyelashes and all the stuff they protect my eyes from. I’m really glad I have them.
Matt- he really is the sweetest guy I know. Today he left me a love note in my cell phone. He really is so wonderful and he makes me smile every single day.
My baby girls smile- words cant express my gratitude for this one.
The diaper champ- no stinky diaper smell -who wouldn’t be grateful for this one
Amusement park rides- I love them. I love them. I love them.
Carmeled apples. The really good gourmet kind. Soooo stinking good.
My computer- it allows me to do so many things.
Great memories- I have had so many. I am grateful for the quite times I get to reflect on them. They bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.
Winder dairy milk- we get it delivered and I think it tastes so good. Its especially good with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (my all-time favorite treat)
Fresh sheets- crisp, cool, comforting. They are the best.
Hot chocolate when its cold outside. They are perfect together
Sunday drives with my Matt. it’s the greatest time to talk
Being a mom. I cant believe she is all mine. It really is the greatest thing ever.
My giant king size bed that Matt just surprised me with. I had been wanting one forever and the other day he called me up and had me meet him at the mattress store to pick out the one I wanted.
My home. I didn’t get to pick it out and I was a little sad about that, but everyday I live here I love it more and more.
Pictures. I was looking through old pictures the other day of old college roommates and old mission pictures and I am just so grateful I have them.
Lazy Sunday afternoons- taking naps, playing with Olivia and tickle fights with Matt.
Scriptures there is always the most amazing spirit that reading them brings


Olivia said...

I love your list! It really is true all that each of us has to be grateful for.

Brooke said...

You are SOO the way I remember you, and that makes me so happy. So amazing and cute and happy! We definitely need to get together some day.