Thursday, September 16, 2010

The latest and greatest

Well the latest anyway. My camera broke. Coen is my little destroyer and we now add my camera to the list of things he has ruined in his short life. I love him and want to squeeze him all day and sometimes I kiss and squeeze him so much that he hits me and screams, but that just makes me laugh and want to squeeze him more. It is a vicious cycle I tell ya. But its one I quite like for the time being and I really can’t get to mad when he breaks all my things. So I think tonight I am going to buy myself a new camera tonight and then I might grace this blog with a few pictures.
I have had strep like 15 times in the last year. not even kidding. Its to the point now that if Im not on antibiotics I have it. I have to get my tonsils out. I hear it is basically is the worst thing ever, but it is essential to my survival. and it sounds better than having strep for the rest of my life.
I havent posted much for the above mentioned reasons, but my Olivia started preschool and she is the cutest little thing on this planet. Honestly I love her more than words can say and seeing her with her backpack so excited for school makes me cry happy tears.
We went to the state fair already twice this year. We love the fair. we spend way too much money on rides and food, but it is totally worth it. Olivia and the "C" man think they are so rad going on the kiddy rides and we let them play those silly fair games where everyone is a winner. They walk away with their prize thats worth about 5 cents feeling like a million bucks and Matt and I smile at eachother because deep down we think we are the worlds greatest parents. that elated feeling doesnt last long, but it is definitely worth the two dollars. This year my favorite treat was the fried pickle. Olivia almost at two pounds of crawdads all by herself. Matt and I really couldnt believe it. When she finished eating the first pound she cried because she wanted more. Matt loved as always the annehiem fire roasted peppers and the C man liked anything and everythings he was able to shove in his face and down his little gullet.
Off to buy by camera now.
We are going to New York for the 5 year celebration of matrimonial bliss. More on that later.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The last couple of weeks have been filled to the brim. I have not been bored. I have been tired and happy and scared and then tired again. Right now Olivia is in the bathroom playing in the sink and making a mess I am sure and I am letting her because Coen is napping and because she sounds super happy and because I want a little moment to myself. We were all super sick a week and a half ago. I have never ever been that sick and Olivia scared the bajeebers out of me. We were both in the ER. It was awful, but I am so greatful for having an amazing ER here in PC and not having to drive down to SLC. The staff was so wonderful. I should send them flowers for how great they were. My faith in healthcare has been restored.

Liv was at her worse Thursday night and I had been planning a girls weekend at a condo up here. I thought I might have to cancel the weekend that had been in the planning for months. But Matt would hear non of that. He stayed with my babies and let me play with the girls. It was a wonderful, much needed weekend and after I felt rejouvinated even though I got less sleep than when I had my babies. Girl time is good for the soul.
Matt and I have made a goal this year to really discover our surroundings. We finally took the kids up to The Canyons resort. We took the Gondola up and had lunch in the mountains and spent a couple hours hiking around. We saw a marmot and Olivia was fascinated with all the bugs and butterflies she got to see. It really is beautiful up here this time of year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday is a special day...

My maiden name is Scottish. Some think it sounds oriental as in Nishimoto. But Nish comes from McNiesh. When my grandpa's grandpa came over from Scotland they shortened it, and trust me, we have all been mad about it since. because McNiesh really is so much cooler than Nish. So with that being said today we went to the Scottish festival and had a blast. It didn’t rain until the very end so we were lucky. I love bagpipes and kilts. On the way home the kids slept. Coen was so tired and he slept so deeply that his breathing was super loud and it made me laugh. He is already such a man. Oh, the other day I must have dropped a clove of garlic on the floor while cooking and he must have ate it because the whole next day he stunk to high heaven. His breath was just terrible all garlicky and such. good thing he just had stinky breath and didn't choke. I still can't believe he ate raw garlic. its pretty potent stuff. The great thing about it was that he was bit sick, and after he ate the garlic he cleared right up, but he stunk like a man and it was kind of yucky. Anyway I am rambling because it is late and I have been crying my eyes out over a silly movie. Matt always wants to watch a movie with me at night, but then he falls asleep within the first 30 min and I have to stay awake and finish the stupid thing and because I am way more emotional at night than in the morning if it is emotional at all I am a mess. Well this one was quite emotional and so I decided to write and get my mind on something else rather than give myself a headache from crying so hard. If anyone could see the sobbing mess I am they might loose all respect for me. Some do know of my sillyness and still love me so maybe all respect would not be lost.

No picture of the festival because I left the camera in the car.
Thinking of changing my blog.
Have lots to do before fathers day and Coen's birthday.
Must sleep now.
Writing didn’t solve the headache problem, hopefully Advil will.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I like summer

Dinner was lovely. Marinated chicken and veggie kabobs, Grilled sweet potatoes, Watermellon and blackberry salad. After dinner we took a bike ride through the canyon and Olivia got out and explored. When we returned we ate popsicles outside and then played "the gingerbread man game" She runs around saying "run, run, as fast as you can; you cant catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" and I chase her and when I catch her I eat her with kisses and she laughes and laughes and then says, "Lets do it again! I'll be the gingerbread man and you be the lady" And thats how it went until I got so tired I had to rest. I love that little thing.

My little man ended the day with a fever. I think his top teeth are finally coming in. My babies are late teethers. Anyway I loved that he had a fever tonight because he just wanted me to hold him. That might sound strange, but I know nothing is seriously wrong with him and he let me just hold him and rock him for a whole hour until his meds kicked in. He looked at me and I at him and I kissed his sweet little nose and sang to him and he played with my hair. Then the hour was up and he was off my lap as quick as he could to go play with his sister and I kinda wished I would have waited to give him the tylenol. That hour was too short.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day

I will remember this memorial day forever I think. Matt and I ran a 5k up here in PC in honor of his oldest brother Ricky Who passed away from Cancer. We had a banner made and 5 of Rick's 8 kids were able to come. It was really nice running beside my husband. I love him. There was this one part of the coarse that was all uphill and Matt and I were starting to really feel it. We werent talking and we were just focusing in getting up the last uphill stretch when this giant, very tan, with long flowing locks and almost completely naked man comes gracefully and speedily bounding past us. We looked at him and then at eachother and just lost any bit of composer we might have had and just laughed til we almost cryed. I love my husband and I love moments like that with him.
Later we went to the park and spent a nice evening with my inlaws. Again we laughed and laughed and then Matt went to be with some of his friends and I went over to see my parents. A good friend of ours that I have known my whole life was over with two of my brothers. He told us he has cancer. He has started chemo but didn't tell anybody because he doesnt like being the bearer of bad news. I drove home in tears and by bedtime had a splitting headache.
This cancer stuff is changing me. When my friend told me of his cancer the words that softly came into my head were "And the same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there" I hope and pray that my friend beats the cancer. I pray everyday that my dad will get a few more years of this life to enjoy. But the reality still is that everyone who is born will die. And this life is certainly not all there is. This reality is becoming more and more imbedded in my heart at the thought of loosing ones I love. I am begining to feel deep within my bones that this life really is just a part of what there will be and my job for right now is to be strong and give as much love as I can give. If I do loose the ones I love. It won't be forever.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrote this at night with really sleepy eyes

Today we went to visit my dad at the hospital. We got in the elevator to go to the ninth floor. Coen was on Matt's shoulders and Liv was holding on tight to my hand. Before the elevator doors closed a man in his 50's got in with us. He was wearing a driving cap and jacket and seemed pleasant enough. He smiled at Matt and me and then at the kids and then He told us to enjoy them while they are little because it really doesn’t last very long. I got a horrible pit in my stomach. I get told this so often. I hate it. Not the part about nice people telling me to enjoy my babies. I think that part is cute enough. I just hate the fact that they are reminding me of something I already know. When I was little I wanted nothing more than to be a mom. I really didn't. Not an actress or singer or doctor or cheerleader. I played with dolls and I wanted to be a mom. That’s it! In college I went from major to major. Why? because nothing really grabbed me. sure there were subjects that I liked more than others, but nothing I loved. I used to feel really bad about it. I thought it made me an uninteresting and without ambition or “real dreams" (how terrible is that? I could write a whole other post on that subject) But I studied and served a mission and learned another language and traveled a good amount and married the one I really wanted to marry, but it was all in preparation for this, for them. I was 27 when I became a mom and let me tell you, when they placed her in my arms I felt heaven in my being. I know they are growing up. Right now as they sleep they are growing. Tomorrow I will kiss them good morning and they will be a little bigger than they were when I put them to bed tonight. I do enjoy it, but enjoying it doesn't change the fact that they were put here on this earth to grow and that’s just what they are going to do whether I like it or not. I do like it by the way. I love it.
Our weekend was lovely. We went to the living traditions festival. Lots of different foods from the different countries was available which made for two very happy boys.Crafts and lots of room to run made for a very happy little girl.

Being with all my loves, happy and outside made for a very happy me.

Going to tackle this monday and all this snow. Not sure how, but I will... somehow