Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday is a special day...

My maiden name is Scottish. Some think it sounds oriental as in Nishimoto. But Nish comes from McNiesh. When my grandpa's grandpa came over from Scotland they shortened it, and trust me, we have all been mad about it since. because McNiesh really is so much cooler than Nish. So with that being said today we went to the Scottish festival and had a blast. It didn’t rain until the very end so we were lucky. I love bagpipes and kilts. On the way home the kids slept. Coen was so tired and he slept so deeply that his breathing was super loud and it made me laugh. He is already such a man. Oh, the other day I must have dropped a clove of garlic on the floor while cooking and he must have ate it because the whole next day he stunk to high heaven. His breath was just terrible all garlicky and such. good thing he just had stinky breath and didn't choke. I still can't believe he ate raw garlic. its pretty potent stuff. The great thing about it was that he was bit sick, and after he ate the garlic he cleared right up, but he stunk like a man and it was kind of yucky. Anyway I am rambling because it is late and I have been crying my eyes out over a silly movie. Matt always wants to watch a movie with me at night, but then he falls asleep within the first 30 min and I have to stay awake and finish the stupid thing and because I am way more emotional at night than in the morning if it is emotional at all I am a mess. Well this one was quite emotional and so I decided to write and get my mind on something else rather than give myself a headache from crying so hard. If anyone could see the sobbing mess I am they might loose all respect for me. Some do know of my sillyness and still love me so maybe all respect would not be lost.

No picture of the festival because I left the camera in the car.
Thinking of changing my blog.
Have lots to do before fathers day and Coen's birthday.
Must sleep now.
Writing didn’t solve the headache problem, hopefully Advil will.


Jenn said...

no respect lost here-- I can picture you, the sobbing mess and all, quite vividly-- brings back memories. What was the movie--I'll try to stear clear of it so I don't end up a mess too.

sara2delta said...

no respect lost. one of the reasons i love you so much is because i know you are as sensitive as me; i konw i can trust you with the deepest parts of myself because i know you'll never treat them insensitively. i want to know what movie it was though....

hope the headache is gone! scottish festival sounds like a riot!