Thursday, September 16, 2010

The latest and greatest

Well the latest anyway. My camera broke. Coen is my little destroyer and we now add my camera to the list of things he has ruined in his short life. I love him and want to squeeze him all day and sometimes I kiss and squeeze him so much that he hits me and screams, but that just makes me laugh and want to squeeze him more. It is a vicious cycle I tell ya. But its one I quite like for the time being and I really can’t get to mad when he breaks all my things. So I think tonight I am going to buy myself a new camera tonight and then I might grace this blog with a few pictures.
I have had strep like 15 times in the last year. not even kidding. Its to the point now that if Im not on antibiotics I have it. I have to get my tonsils out. I hear it is basically is the worst thing ever, but it is essential to my survival. and it sounds better than having strep for the rest of my life.
I havent posted much for the above mentioned reasons, but my Olivia started preschool and she is the cutest little thing on this planet. Honestly I love her more than words can say and seeing her with her backpack so excited for school makes me cry happy tears.
We went to the state fair already twice this year. We love the fair. we spend way too much money on rides and food, but it is totally worth it. Olivia and the "C" man think they are so rad going on the kiddy rides and we let them play those silly fair games where everyone is a winner. They walk away with their prize thats worth about 5 cents feeling like a million bucks and Matt and I smile at eachother because deep down we think we are the worlds greatest parents. that elated feeling doesnt last long, but it is definitely worth the two dollars. This year my favorite treat was the fried pickle. Olivia almost at two pounds of crawdads all by herself. Matt and I really couldnt believe it. When she finished eating the first pound she cried because she wanted more. Matt loved as always the annehiem fire roasted peppers and the C man liked anything and everythings he was able to shove in his face and down his little gullet.
Off to buy by camera now.
We are going to New York for the 5 year celebration of matrimonial bliss. More on that later.


sara2delta said...

i will be calling you soon to hear about the surgery and the other news you told me last week ago. 2 weeks ago? anyway fried pickles are just about the closest you can get to nirvana. and im the SAME way with pax! the more he pushes me away the more i wanna nuggle and kiss! it IS a vicious cycle!! some day my kids will hate me for that i just know it.

i love you more than i can say.

Olivia said...

I love you!! You make me laugh and I'm so glad we're friends!!! Call me and tell me about your trip- can't wait to hear about the adventure!