Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been trying to update my blog regularly, but its been hard since matt got me the entire Harry Potter Collection as well as the entire twilight series for my birthday. I had never wanted to read harry potter, but then I got the first book at a white elephant party and I of course loved it. Matt saw me reading it and bought me the all of them. so thats what i've been doing this last month. Anyway I thought I should give an update of whats been going on the last little while.

first matts parents got thier mission call. This is like thier 8th mission together. They are going to be serving the Marines agian at camp Pendelton in San Diego. Matt's dad was a Marine so of course he is very happy about being able to work with them again. I say again because this is the second time they have been called to this mission. Matt is really exited because we will be able to visist them. and Matt just loooooves the ocean.

Next, we got released from the spanish branch. we had been serving as language missionaries for about a year and a half. I enjoyed being able to speak the language, but I felt so bad for Matt because he doesnt speak spanish and although he knows a little it was very hard for him to sit throught three hours of church not being able to understand much of whats going on. We will miss the branch, but we are really exited to be going back to our home ward. we have a really great ward.

Last, I am going to be doing the mud run this year. I am very exited about it. I have wanted to do it forever and my cute friend from my mission that lives in San Diego is doing it so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity. THANKS BROOKE!! anyway it takes place on the 14th of June which is good because I need some time to train as I'm not in the best shape of my life. It should be great fun and I am really exited.


Olivia said...

What Harry Potter book are you on? I love them so much I'm glad you've got hooked! As soon as you're done we'll have to get together and watch all the movies.
I've been loving my winder dairy. I got milk, cheese and bread Love them all I'm sooo hooked!

Jenn said...

What is the mud run? Sounds like something I'd like. I'm jealous that you'll be in San Diego often. Fun for you guys!

Brooke said...

I'm so glad you're going to run in the Mud Run with me! I'm not in the best shape either, but I'm workin' on it. It'll be a blast to see you too! Can't wait to meet little Olivia. She's a doll!