Wednesday, January 9, 2008

christmas update a million years late

my mom and dad dancing to "thier" song. they were engaged during christmas and then married a year later on december 21st. so cute
we were lucky to spend christmas eve with both our families. Olivia is sure a lucky girl.
Olivias eyes were wide with exitement all christmas morning.
as you can see we all had a wonderful christmas

she loves her new rocking horse.

as well as her new whistle.


Landy said...

Cute pics of baby Olivia. I've gotten like 10 emails that the mass email I sent with my new blog page was delayed to you, so I'm not sure if you ever got it. Here is the address:
Happy New Year!

Olivia said...

Deb- I've missed you guys can't wait to see you. As always that little Olivia is just too cute!

Brooke said...

Yes yes yes!! Do the mud run with me. I would love it! We are doing the 14th, so definetly do it! Let me know when you have registered or not!