Thursday, February 7, 2008

great friends

I am so greatful to have great girlfriends. My friend heather came to visit me last weekend. well she got here thursday night. Matt didnt have to work so he spent Friday with the baby while me and heather went to Salt Lake to the viewing of President Hinckley and then to IKEA. It was a wonderful day. words cant describe the spirit that was in the room with him. I am so glad we went. IKEA on the other hand was not that great. I really like IKEA, but after standing for almost three hours to see the prophet it was very hard walking the entire IKEA store. plus my knee got hurt skiing (that is another story) so I was glad when we finally headed home. For dinner our friend Jenn made invited us over. It was really good. All three of us were roommates in college. I have seen Heather a few times since, but I hadnt seen Jenn in seven years. It didnt matter. We had a really great time. we talked and laughed and our kids played together. Olivia Just loved Jenns boys. she couldnt leave them alone
The next day we decided to go to main street here in Park City. It was really cold, but we had a good time just being together. I really am greatful for girlfriends. Thanks Jenn and Hea for being so wonderful.

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Jenn said...

I miss you guys already! I'm so bummed Heather doesn't live closer. We'll have to get together next week during the 'nice' weather. Hey, you've got to send me those cute pictures: