Friday, April 25, 2008

In review

I know its been over a month since my last post. I have been soo busy because I am so slow at getting things done. I hobble around like a 80 year old woman. I swear if I had known it was going to be like this after the surgery I would have thought twice about having it done. When Matt had his done a year ago he recovered a lot quicker than I am. I am doing a lot better though. I've been going to physical therapy and Im not hobbling around nearly as much as I used to, but im still much slower than I used to be. Other than my slowness we have been great. Olivia is walking like a little maniac. she had her first birthday. I cant believe how fast the last year has gone. I am really far behind on my blog so I thought I would do a quick review of what we've been up to. k here it goes.....
after we got back from Mexico Matt couldnt work very well because of his broken rib so we took another week off and visited his parents on their mission at camp Pendleton

Here are some picts of us at the pier (our favorite place to eat while visiting them). We also took Olivia to Disneyland for the first time. Matt has wanted to take her there since she was born. yeah she was like 2 months old when he first wanted to take her and I told him no because.... well isnt it obvious??? she was 2 months old. Well this time he was determined that she was old enough and he was right. she loved it! not as much as her dad but she did think it was neat and we all had a really good time.

about a week after my surgery, Matt thought I needed to get out of the house so he took me to this place by St. Georgethat has a million joshua trees to see the desert bloom. He grew up in Arizona and he loves the desert. We finally got out and were so sad to see that the joshua trees had all burned up. not all of them but most of them. He took Olivia on a little hike anyway while I camped out in the back of our 4runner with a book.

They brought me back a pretty boquet. since I couldnt go along.
Olivia loved being outside. this was right before she could walk on her own so he daddy had to go where ever she led him
When she got tired they sat down to read a book. I really like this picture.

Her 1st birthday cake
mmm... thats goooood
the sugar is rushing to my brain
that was really good mom. can we do this everyday? she loved opening her presents

her favorite was the bouncy balls

we went camping last weekend in the San Rafeal swell. its where they used to mine for uranium so there are tons of mines and lots of cool historical stuff. plus its really pretty. I highly suggest going during the spring before if gets too hot. she loved, loved, loved being outside, but she did not like the dirt. whenever she would fall down she would wait patiently with her arms held out for one of us to help her up so she wouldnt have to touch the dirt. I think she gets that from me. I love the outdoors, but when everything is covered in dirt I go crazy.
We think this was an office. its too small to be living quarters. its underground which was kinda neat.
Matt carrying Olivia. this pack is the best purchase we have made I think. Olivia loves it. and it makes carrying her super easy and light.
Matt took this picture of us while he was in the mine looking out at us. being inside the mines was a little creepy.

we had a really good time. although I hate sleeping in tents I love camping and Olivia couldnt have been happier. I swear she is the happiest little thing whenever we are away. she is just like her dad in that way.


kennyandkristin said...

I am glad that things are going better. You really have been up to alot of things. I love that last picture of Oliva with the bandanna on her head. P.S. I gave Tracy Mendes your blog address and email. So look for an email from her soon! Once you are doing even better, we should try and get together!

The Pendletons said...

It is so fun to look at your blog. I have been looking at it for quite sometime however couldn't comment cause I didn't have a login. Now that I am catching up with the rest of the world and have a blog I will definately be leaving you little notes. Olivia is such a babe. You guys all look like you are doing so well.

Jenn said...

Okay where do I start. . .
I think mom and dad had the best time at Disneyland!

I'm loving the pic. of Olivia eating her cake!

I was going to ask you if you guys knew where the mines were. They are pretty neat.

Maybe if you'd slow down you wouldn't have to hobble so much. I think you're suppose to take some time to heal--Just a thought. ;) You'd just go stir crazy and I'd rather hobble than go crazy.

Olivia said...

I love all the photos! We need to plan a camping trip together so that we can replace the Starvation Camping trip memory! It's actually one of my favorites. It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun.