Sunday, July 6, 2008

this can't be for real

So last time we were on the plane I saw these advertised in the sky mall magazine. I thought I would look them up on the internet and maybe get a pair for Matt as a funny joke. ha ha ha. yeah thats when I came upon a web sight that not only sold these hideous things, but also had testimonials to go along with em. these are seriously the most horrific things ever made! I think if I am ever asked "what is your fear? my answer will be "men in footed PJ's. These people can not be for real. here are some testimonials from people who apparently love the footed pjs. who are these people? I am slowly loosing my faith in humanity

I bought my husband a green polar fleece set of jammies with the butt flap, and not only do they fit perfectly, but he LOVES them! I have a pair from last Christmas, we have a pair for our baby due any day, and now daddy has them too! Fast service, excellent product, I would recommend to anyone to purchase this product!

Lori, Pittsburgh, PA

I bought two of the fleece pjs for my boyfriend and I and we think we are so cool running around the house in them! We both feel like kids. I recently bought a pink one for my roommate and she never takes them off. Now I think I’ll just keep buying them for all my friend’s birthdays since they seem to be a hit.

Vannessa P.

My husband got us matching red pjs for Valentines Day. The polar fleece feels like a light, warm embrace and is so comfortable. These are replacing the sweat suits that we normally lounge around in at home. Thanks for making these for adults.

Kitty Tirio

I just received my dream-come-true, toddler-style footie pajamas for not-so-toddling 5’9”, 145 lb me, just as I’m celebrating my mid-life crisis. I love them! They are snuggly, soft and warm. I plan to buy them for all my friends and family this holiday season. I love my new jammies!

Marion Capriotti

Bought these for my 22 year old son. He asked for them. He loves them. He says they are soft and comfortable and very warm.

Mr. “ComputerGeek” Jantzen, Framingham, MA


**Erica** said...

oh my good hell, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What is this world coming too? Feel free to copy it, I just loved how cute they looked in the pics, i had to post em'

**Erica** said...

it get's worse, i told brent to come look at this, and he said "aww i want some footed pj's" so what's the website i think i really might order him a pair, and then take pics and write my own testimonial!

Sara said...

a tad bit disturbing if you ask me. a grown man wearing jammies. i could see michael jackson in a pair.

Michelle said...

hahaha, that's great! Who would have guessed they'd have a website for these! Sad thing is, I work with a 37 year old woman who has 2 pair and loves them and HAS WORN THEM TO THE STORE BEFORE! Seriously, they're cute on kids under 3 but after thank you!

Cherie said...

Haha! My sister actually bought one of these and I couldn't stop laughing. She ended up having to leave them on her mission (not enough room in her suitcase).

kennyandkristin said...

Sadly, I think Kenny would love these.

Jenn said...

Oh dear. I think that's going a little far. Those HAVE to be made up testimonials. If not I'd like to contact them all and see what kind of people they are-- seriously!

Liz said...

My Aunt made these for her three high school kids. The two boys loved them and wore them to every wrestling tournament. Personally I would die of heat if I ever tried to sleep in fleece let alone feety pjs. Glad to see you did your research! I've seen them in the sky magazine and have often thought they'd make a funny gift. Definitely get a pair for Matt as a great surprise!

Olivia said...

That was really me commenting I forgot to change the setting back to my account.

bekahjr said...

ha ha, I love it. I love that you posted this. My 17 year old brother asked for a pair for Christmas and we all thought it was weird. Maybe I should get him to write a testimonial, ha ha