Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spotlight #2/Olivia

Birthday:April 17th, 2007

Weight: 25.5 pds

Height:35 inches

Demeanor: Sweet, Independent, Curious.

Favorite food: Any and all friut and she would be way sad if she didn't have her hot milk.

Favorite pastime: Running with her dog and screaming high pitched squeals

Likes: Getting her feet tickled, Playing with Mom, Dad, Coen, Grandma, Grandpa, anyone that will play. She likes to draw pictures and sing her ABC's and count to ten and go on walks. She loves to help me mom cook and clean do the laundry. She really likes to do anything. I have never met a little person that enjoys life as much as this one.

Dislikes: Being left out of anything, Going to bed, Eating food of substance other than friut, milk or treats. Driving in the car for long periods of time.

Rad things she says: I so happy, I sad mom, c'mon cooey boy, "Dad, wadda doing, dad?" I wanna watch ps kids" it'l be so fun, iss elicious mom, moring mom, ov you mom, He oves me mom,

She says lots of things, but these are a few of the ones that really make me smile. hope you understand them

Olivia we love you so much. You changed our world when you came. Thank you for making life so much richer.


Em said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! I bet it is hard not to want to give her kisses and hugs all day long!! =0)

sara2delta said...

i love that little thing so much! her independence amazes me! i loved reading your favorite things she says. miss you and her and coen boy so much!!

Olivia said...

I absolutely love that first photo! I'm pretty sure I need a copy of it to put on my magnetic board. Do you think you can help me with that one Deb?

selena said...

Deb! You're alive! So glad you are happy and that you have two of the cutest kids on earth!! So darling! We miss you at our girl gatherings! Mmmmuah!