Monday, March 10, 2008


I know it has been forever since my last entry. We got home from mexico on the 29th, but Matt broke his rib while we were there so instead of him going back to work he decided to take another week off to let it heal and so we headed off to California to visit his parents on their mission. I probably could have updated sooner, but I took about a million pictures and I hate having to choose which ones to post. well here it goes...
this is the view from inside our hotel room looking out onto the patio and of course the beautiful ocean. isn't it heaven? I spent hours in that hammock. And below is the view from our patio of the ocean. This resort had its own private beach so it was super secluded.

Olivia Just loved the hotel room. I was a little scared she would have a hard time being away from home, but she could have cared less. In fact I'm pretty sure she likes vacations just as much as we do. I have never seen a baby that loves to be in new places as much as she does. she really liked being in her crib that the hotel provided. silly little thing. our monkey sure loved the fresh ocean air. it was quite a change from her usual routine of staying inside all day due to the wonderful Park City snow. I especially love her face in this one.

she liked the pool more than the ocean, but by the time we were getting ready to leave she started really liking the waves and putting the sand in her mouth. at first it scared her. we bought her this silly tube thing for the pool and she of course hated it. all she wanted was to be on her daddys shoulders.

This is were Olivia and I watched Matt as he played in the Ocean. It was a great little shaded area and I am proud to say none of us got sunburned.
The sunsets were amazing. this again was taken from our balcony.
its pretty pathetic that this is the only picture we had taken together. and we dont have one of all three of us. I know its terrible, but I had such a problem asking people to take our picture. I don't know why normally I am not that big of a sissy.
me drinking my very first coconut. it was okay. I wouldnt drink it all the time, but it was worth the experience and the picture.
the waiters would come to the beach and show us the seafood they had just caught and then we picked what we wanted and then they cooked it up for us. the finished product is below. I have to say I almost couldnt eat the lobster having seen it before it was cooked.

Matt and Olivia. they were basically together like this the entire time. He is such a good papa
This island is were we went to snorkel. we got there in the morning while the water was still fairly cool and I went out first while matt stayed with olivia. I hadnt been out for more than a couple minutes when I started feeling needle pricks all over. it scared me so bad that I came in and noticed that others were complaining of the same thing. yes we all got stung by jelly fish. When I told matt do you think he cared? oh no, he suited right up and hopped in the jelly fish infested waters. As the day went on and the waters warmed up the jelly fish left and I was able to go out once again and enjoy jelly fish free snorkeling. I love to snorkel. it is so relaxing and quite and peaceful down there. beautiful Ixtapa
this is a stingray jumping out of the water. there were a bunch of them, but I was only able to get this one in the picture. I had no idea stingrays jumped out of the water. did you? can you believe all the crocodiles? I almost peed my pants when I saw this. This area is fenced off, but still it scared me a bit to see all those crocodiles within only about 20 feet of me.

Our last walk on our beach. We were really sad to go.
I will post picts of Mexico City tomorrow. Its 1:00 am


Staci Lynn said...

That looks SOOO fun!!!!! I'm jealous!

Liz said...

How INCREDIBLE!!! That looks like the kind of vacation that I need:) I loved all the pictures, and how cool to be able to say you have been stung by jellyfish!

kennyandkristin said...

What a fun vacation. It looks like the whole family has a ton of fun. I bet it was nice to get out of cold Park City for a little while.

Jenn said...

I'm so jealous of your hotel room view. It all looks like a great dream!

Michelle said...

Oh to be you...I'm jealous :) Looks like you guys had a great time and I'm sure it was well deserved. How did he break his rib??

deb said...

he was skin boarding. you throw the board on the wave as it's receeding. He lost his balance and broke his rib. it was our first day there and he had a cough so basically he was miserable.

Olivia said...

Your pictures are exactly what paradise looks like in my head. I'm putting a trip like this on my things to do before I die!