Friday, March 14, 2008


Liz tagged me to write a blog about my sweet little Olivia... I of course am happy to do so.

Olivia Nish Nelson. Olivia's first name was inspired by my wonderful roommate Olivia. I have always loved the name and then when I got to know Olivia Oldham I loved it even more. . As her middle name Matt wanted to put Nish. My Dad has no boy grandchildren to carry on his last name. I was unsure about it at first, but I am really glad we did. My maiden name although Im not to fond that it rymns with with fish is unique and I am glad she will get to carry that part of me with her.
Olivia has a lot of favorites. She loves the dog. She has since I can remember. When she was really really little I remember her noticing Girl. She never was one of those babies that is mesmerized by faces or people. But if she was ever upset I would ask her “wheres girl?” and when we found her Olivia would cheer right up. Now she can say her name. she still doesn’t say mama, but she can say girl. Its really cute.
She loves her daddy. There is no sweeter sound than listening to those two play. Its no wonder she loves him so much the way he dotes on her. She loves her blankie. I got lucky because she actually has two blankies. So I get to rotate them. She never sucked her thumb or used a pacifier, but she sure loves to snuggle her blankie. She has to have it now or she cant fall asleep. If she is getting tired I will go get it for her and she will immediately get exited and hug it as hard as she can. I like the way she fell alseep in this one.
She loves loves other kids, but I am afraid they don’t love her as much as she loves them. She wants to kiss them and hug them and play with their eyes and ears and explore all that they are, but most little kids don’t like it so much. I feel really bad for her sometimes. Maybe its time to get her a sibling (ha im kidding, no new sibling any time soon )
She has just started learning how to be cute when I get stern with her for doing something she isn’t suppose to do. If she gets caught and I say her name sternly followed by a stern “no” she smiles, holds her arms out to me and opens her mouth as if she wants to give me a kiss. Its really adorable, but also very hard to stay strong in the midst of such cuteness.

She loves, loves, loves to put stuff in her mouth. Her greatest joy is my greatest trial. Her two most favorite things are girls dog food and my earplugs(matt snores and I have to sleep with them) Its really gross.

She is an explorer. She loves to be in new places that she can crawl around and find herself new things. In that way she is most like matt. His mom says that is what he was like. My mom says I did nothing of the sort. All I wanted to do was eat all day long. (Hmm not much has changed) she loves to find stuff on the floor. She examines it and tastes it and then she shows us her discovery. But don’t think she is handing it to you to take, she just wants you to look at it, if you try to take her new discovery she will scream bloody murder. We are still working on that.

We love our little monkey so much we love being her parents. she has brought us joy we never knew existed. Thank you Olivia for all you do for our little family. We love you to the moon and back.
I tag Jenn and Natalie


Michelle said...

She is just a doll and it looks like she keeps you plenty busy but also entertained. What a blessing she is to you guys.

Olivia said...

Yea!! I made Olivia's tag!! I feel like I've got to live a better life so that the little girls who share my name are proud to share it with me. I still love that picture and I have it by my bed and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

kennyandkristin said...

Your little girl is sooo cute. It is nice to see and hear about her.

Cherie said...

I love your sentence, "Her greatest joy is my greatest trial." It made me giggle. I can't wait to see my little one's personality as she gets older (right now life consists of eating and sleeping). It is so fun to read all about your mommy adventures and gets me excited! Maybe we'll take an exotic vacation too one of these days...