Friday, March 14, 2008

a bit about me

Jen tagged me so hear we go.... the second tag of the day. hooraay I'm done!!!
Ten years ago I was ……getting ready to graduate high school. I was soooo afraid of what the future would hold. I’m not sure why I was like that back then, but I had really bad anxiety. I prayed all the time that I wouldn’t have a miserable life and that I would be able to make good decisions. My life is not what I envisioned it would be back then, I never imagined I would be married to Matt and staying at home with my baby, but I am so happy. I couldn’t have written a better story for me. I couldn’t have chosen a better husband and if I would have been left to my own wisdom and judgment who knows where I would be. I am glad I am right where I am. I can honestly say I have been guided the entire way.

5 things on my to do list today.
I have been tagged twice now so I have a lot of pressure to update my blog
Clean and detail my car. I will have to put this off until tomorrow because its yucky outside now. Its really gross because we just got back from driving to California.
Laundry (it never ends)
Go to home depot and pick out paint
Get registered for my surgery.

Snacks I enjoy
I love sugar snap peas, anything with sugar. I’m not a salty snack girl and I wish I was because I think it would be more healthy. Oh I also like cereal and I have started to love oranges lately.

3 bad habits
I bite my fingernails.
I know it’s a horrible disgusting habit, I have tried and tried to stop. I didn’t really do it on my mission because I didn’t think it was a good thing for a representative of the church to do and I stopped while I was Prego because I didn’t want to be a bad example to my baby, but I am off the wagon again and I really don’t know what to do about it.
My closet is a mess. It always has been and I am afraid it always will be. Matt and I share the closet and he has his side all nice and organized with his shoes put away and all his clothes nicely hung. Then there is my side; the clothes are falling off the hangers and there is a giant pile that is all mixed in with my shoes. I can never decide what to where so I try on about 15 different things before I decide and then it is such a pain having to hang it all up again. Why cant I be like matt and just choose one shirt, put in on, and leave? I don’t know, but I have tried to decide while my clothes are still on the hangers and sure enough when I put it on I don’t like it and I have to try on something else. Its horrible.
I can eat sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love it. Cookies and chocolate are my downfalls. Chocolate chip cookies I really love. I have made a goal though that I am not going to buy treats on the weekdays, just on the weekends. I didn’t say I am not going to eat them on the weekdays, because that is too unrealistic for now. I just wont buy them which in turn will help me not eat them so often. We will see how it goes.

5 places I have lived
Salt Lake City, UT
Koosharem, UT
Cedar City, UT
Artigas, Rivera, Colonia, Salto, Uruguay
Rexburg, Idaho
Park City, UT

Jobs I have had
Grocery bagger, Kaps grocery store
Manager, Bed Bath & Beyond
Teachers Aid, SUU
Christmas elf, the mall (my cousin was a photographer and asked me to help)
Newborn Photographer, University of Utah Hospital
Receptionist, Dana orthodontics/ Westways dental
Mom (this one is the best so far)

Five things you don’t know about me
1.Both Matt and I are the youngest of seven children and both are families have 5 boys and 2 girls.
Funny huh? Who knew it could work between two babies.
2. I have only had short hair two times my whole life. Once right after I graduated and again about a year after my mission. Also during my entire mission I never cut my hair. It was pretty gross when I got home as you can imagine.
3.Right now my house is being torn up. My fridge is in the front room. I have no dishwasher and I cant even step into my kitchen so we are having to eat our every night. I don’t really like the set up of my house so we are making a few changes. Also I hate the colors of my wall so those are changing too. I will post the new changes as soon and they are done I am a little worried as to how its all going to play out with what I will be going through next Monday. (see below)
4.I am having knee surgery this coming Monday the 17th . I tore both my ACL as well as my meniscus while skiing. I didn’t think I had injured it that bad, but I had an MRI done right before we went on vacation and they said its pretty ugly.
5. I am not one of those people that think “that will never happen to me” In fact I am just the opposite. Whenever I am in really happy with my life I am always afraid that something terrible is going to happen to take it all away. When I think about this logically I realize that even if I do have to go through some life altering tragedy I would be given the strength I needed to get through it and learn from it, but still deep down I cant shake it. Whenever I am enjoying a really wonderful moment I almost always remind myself to enjoy it because I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I know its depressing.

People I admire
My Matt
: He is so good to everyone. I wish I was more like him in that way. He never talks bad of anyone and he is always trying to help out the little guy or the person who needs it the most. He doesn’t like praise or recognition for doing what he thinks anyone would do, even though most don’t. He tells me I am the perfect woman even though I am so very, very far from perfect. He is the hardest worker, most loving husband, and doting papa I know and if he knew I was writing this about him he would kill me.
My mom and dad: I put them together and not separate because that is what I admire them for. They have stuck together through thick and thin and trust me they have had more thick than thin. I always look at them and all they have gone through together and I am reminded that that marriage truly is for better or worse. I think many believe it is should just be for the better part, but they are witnesses and examples to me that when we go through the worse part together we come out stronger and love more deeply.
My girl friends. I have been blessed to have wonderful girls in my life. Growing up I was surrounded by boys. But I am so so so grateful for the friends roommates and companions that have been placed in my path and inspired me. I really do admire you all. I love the world of blog. I love reading your thoughts and your little words of wisdom and seeing pictures of everyone’s babies. I admire the really great women that I get to call my friends. Both near and far.
I tag olivia, Liz, and Staci


Michelle said...

I love you! Honestly, what more can I say? You had me laughing OUT LOUD at this post, I miss you my friend, mi hermainta. I had no idea that you were a Christmas elf, you should definitely post a picture of that. Jeff always says he thinks I look like I could pull that gig off well. Let me know when you want me to come help you organize your side of the closet, maybe we can have mini organization sessions :) Thanks for posting this, it was so much fun!

Jenn said...

You did a great job of your tag. I learned more about you and remembered more about you too.

You lived in Koosharem! I'll e-mail you about this one.

kennyandkristin said...

I remember exactly what you were like 10 years ago. You were always on one and always forgetting to put gas in your car. Ten years ago, we were stuck in Beaver, Utah after going to Koosharem and St. George. Ten years ago we were doing Vegas trips with your brother. Wow, I just realized that 10 years ago....I lied a lot to my parents. They would have killed me if they knew all the places we went to. We really need to catch up. It would be fun to see the Debbie that is 10 years older and a mom. Good Tag!!

Staci Lynn said...

I love you Nish!!