Monday, August 25, 2008


-It has forced me to rediscover the wonderful world of fruit. I have eaten so much fruit this past week and not only do they take away my sugar craving, but it makes me happy because Olivia is eating loving it and I seem to have more energy. Yay for fruit!
-Made me realize that I do have some self control. Yay for this one too because I really thought I had none.
-Made me appreciate meals. I was the queen of piecing on sugary stuff all throughout the day and then when meal time came around I was not hungry for the real food, but this last week I’ve really been enjoying my meals (except for a few days, see below) and its made me very happy.

Now I don’t want anyone to think this was any sort of diet. I actually ate more the first couple of days than I normally do to appease my terrible sugar cravings. And I certainly don’t plan on eating no sugar, which would be way too extreme for a person such as myself who dearly loves the sweets. But when you eat brownies for breakfast and ice cream for lunch and a bunch of miscellaneous junk in between, something drastic had to be done for my sake and the sake of my child. I think that this helped. But only time will tell….
Oh also one other thing that made this easier than expected is that I got an awesome case of mastitis so I was in extreme, unbelievable, horrific pain for about three days. Well at least it kept my mind off the sweets, as I had no desire for food. Yes, I was finally weaning Olivia and I get a breast infection. How perfect is that? Just my luck huh?


Jenn said...

Yay!!!!!! You did it!
Oh do I ever feel your pain. I had mastitis(sp?) 3 times while nursing Kade. It was NOT a great experience. I feel SO bad for you. You survived it all this week you're an amazing! :)

**Erica** said...

yay i'm so happy for you, minus the infection! i could have never done it! anyway tomorrow is my moms birthday and i made a cake, if you want to come down some time tomorrow and have a piece we'd love it!

Brooke said...

Wow I'm impressed! That is something I don't have the guts for, yet! Maybe you've inspired me. Sweets are my worst offender by far as well. Major props to you for pulling it off!

selena said...

Debbie. You are my hero. Sugar is my favorite food, so my admiration for you is ten-fold. Good work. Sorry about your girls! Mastitis is the shits. xo

The Pendletons said...

I know that you have been on since this post. I am so glad to see comments from you frequently now. :) I know you are so jealous of my painted up face.