Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've had the blogging blahs

But, here are some picts of out most recent adventures. Also every time I get on the computer I am captivated by the story of Stephanie Nielson. She is a really amazing mom and wife that loved to blog about how much she loved being a mom and wife. She made being a women seem like the most wonderful job anyone could ever have. As I have been reading her blog I have realized how lucky I am to be a wife to my Matt and a mom to my Olivia. I Love them both so much and I am grateful for all the little moments that we get to spend together. Stephanie and her hubby were both in a small plane that crashed and she is burned over 80% of her body. If you haven't heard of her story already you can read about it here and here.

Park City's Main Street

We took the bus into town and spent the day eating at all the fun places that we have always wanted to eat and window shopping. It was a super great day even though these are the only picts I took. Olivia with a park city moose.

The Utah State Fair. She loved the rides
and the animals Matt riding a mechanical bull. After he got bucked off he tried to get me to do it. Do I honestly look like the type of girl that rides mechanical bulls a the state fair?
This is my silly brother Dan. He was the only adult doing this jumpy thing. Quite a crowd gathered to watch this big guy act like a kid. He even got an applause when he was done. Olivia was so taken up with the geese. she laughed and laughed when they would squawk at her. there were even a couple of them that would take the food out of our hands. she loved that.
We took a weekend trip to St. George. We biked alot and spent lots of time in the pool. I only took pictures of the pool though.


Doug and Natalie Allen said...

Can you believe how fast our babies are growing up! Olivia looks super cute with that bandana on her head. That's great that she will wear it, I can't get James to keep a hat on his head.

Jenn said...

SO what the heck did you do with your baby! Your little baby Olivia looks so grown up!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having issues with these pictures!!!!!

Olivia said...

So glad you've reentered the blogging world. I've missed you!!